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Quan, Li

"Around the year of 2013, I found Jun's contact information through online advertisments. I am a mother whose daughter were studying in University of Toronto. The condo market was not that crazy compare to nowadays, so I decided to buy a property to me and my daughter. I wasn't sure what kind of property that I would like to purchase, however, Jun is a patient and nice person, who showed me and my daughter so many condo's and at last we found the perfect one for us. The location is fantastic, it located in the center of Downtown Toronto, close to my daughter's school, and right next to the subway station, and the price was reasonable for a two bedrooms condo. I never regret for purchase this condo, and in fact, I am glad I choose Jun as my realtor and made the decision. Since then, Jun and us developed a friendship and we go to travel sometimes, she also invites me to her parties from time to time. If I have friends or families have plans to purchase a property in Toronto, I would say Jun is the best choice!"

Quan, Li

Buyer, Toronto

Posted by Quan, Li